Posted by Jess Weil

Are you a side sleeper? Well, join the club! An estimated 63% of Americans sleep on their sides, making this by far the most common sleeping position. Don’t worry, we’re not here to tell you that you need to give up your beloved side sleeping. There’s nothing wrong with snoozing on your side, as long as you’re doing it right.  

side sleeper
Hint: This is how NOT to sleep on your side

Here are three tips for side sleepers to help promote comfort and avoid body pain.

1. Sleep in a neutral position.

It’s important to maintain good posture, even when you’re asleep. For side sleepers, this means keeping your head aligned with your neck and spine by resting it between your shoulders and never forward or backward on the pillow. Avoid the temptation to curl up in the fetal position; as soothing and comfortable as it may feel, it’s not good for your back.


2. Find the best pillow for side sleepers.

best pillow for side sleepersWhen you sleep on your side, there’s more space between your neck and mattress than if you were to lie on your back or stomach. To keep your head in a neutral position (there’s that phrase again!) you need a pillow that will fill that gap.

The best pillow for side sleepers is generally a foam or fiber pillow that cradles the head and firmly supports the neck. The Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow helps to promote proper alignment of the spine and is perfect for side sleepers.

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3. Place a thin pillow between your knees.

You may have noticed by now that pretty much all of the advice in this post comes back around to posture and alignment. This final tip is no exception. Placing a pillow between your knees will help align your legs while relieving unnecessary stress and pressure on your lower back and hips.

If you’re already doing everything mentioned above, give yourself a pat on the back and keep doing what you’re doing. If not, try making these small changes to your sleeping habits to enjoy the full comfort of side sleeping.