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Summertime means cookouts with friends, ice cream cones and long days at the beach. Depending on where you live, it also means extreme heat. Staying cool on hot summer nights isn’t always easy—especially if you’re trying to do it without air conditioning. But with a little bit of ingenuity, you can sleep comfortably through even the most sweltering temperatures.

From blocking sunlight during the day to using a cooling mattress pad at night, here are a few ways to beat the heat at bedtime:

Lower your shades.

The sun’s rays are more powerful during the summer. Allowing that light in through your windows can be enough to heat up an entire room. Get in the habit of lower your shades or closing your curtains when the sun shines brightest. You’ll thank yourself when it’s time for bed.    

Freeze your sheets and pillowcases.

This one sounds a little crazy, but trust us – it works! Place your sheets and pillowcases into bags and let them sit in the freezer for about 30 minutes before bedtime. You won’t believe how refreshing it feels climbing into bed after. The cool sensation should last long enough for you to fall asleep with visions of ski slopes dancing through your head.  

Unplug your appliances and electronics.  

Eliminating sources of excess heat can make a small but noticeable difference—particularly if you keep a device like a laptop right next to your bed. Turning off your device isn’t enough, as having it plugged in also produces heat. To avoid this, unplug your appliances and electronics when they’re not in use.   

Take a cool shower.

There’s nothing worse than getting into bed in a warm room when you’re already hot and sweaty. Adjust your bathing routine so that you shower before bedtime during the summer. This way you can take a cool shower and lower your body temperature.

Use a cooling mattress pad.   

Taking proactive measures to stay cool still doesn’t change the fact that your bed heats up while you’re occupying it, surpassing the recommended sleep temperature of 60-68 degrees F. The ChiliPad is a cooling mattress pad that maintains a set temperature all night—and it still costs less to operate than air conditioning. Some users have seen savings of up to $100 per month.

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