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Review: ChiliPad Cube™
ChiliPad Cube

REVIEWER: Chris B, Southbridge, MA (Male, 46 years old)


REVIEWER SLEEP RELATED PROBLEMS: Night sweats and restlessness due to discomfort.

FULL REVIEW: "I was skeptical about the ChiliPad at first, as I try products from time to time and they fail to live up to the claims they make. I suffer from sleep apnea and frequently have night sweats due to high blood pressure. I was hoping that the ChiliPad would help me get a good night’s sleep and at least help alleviate night sweats. 

After the very first night using the ChiliPad I noticed a significant improvement. The device changed the way I sleep. I finally awoke refreshed and feeling that extra energy a good night’s sleep affords everyone. During the subsequent nights I used the ChiliPad, I was delighted to find that each day I felt the same refreshed feeling of a good night’s sleep. I didn’t toss and turn as much, the night sweats went away, and I slept much deeper. 

The ChiliPad was easy to set up and very easy to use. My wife also noticed an improvement in her sleep. She now goes into the bedroom a little early each night just to make sure that each side of the ChiliPad is turned on so it’s ready for us when we go to bed. I would recommend this product to everyone who has trouble with getting a good night’s sleep. Great job ChiliPad!"




Ease of Use:  



TESTING PERIOD AND PRODUCT EFFECTS: "We’ve been using it for about 2 weeks.  My wife and I noticed positive effects the very first night we used the ChiliPad."

REVIEWER RECOMMENDS PRODUCT TO: Adults, Teenagers, Children, Seniors

IDEAL FOR PEOPLE WITH: Sleep apnea, Insomnia, Body Pain, Snoring, General Sleep Discomfort, Night Sweats