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Review: Dreampad™ Pillow
Dreampad 26 + Bluetooth Receiver

"Great Pillow, Even Better Ambient Noise for Sleep and Meditation"

REVIEWER: Paul C, Worcester, MA (Male, 27 years old)


REVIEWER SLEEP RELATED PROBLEMS: Insomnia, trouble getting to sleep, trouble staying asleep

FULL REVIEW: "I have practiced guided meditation after waking for about 6 months now and have been searching for a great ambient noise generator to assist with breath awareness. The Dreampad has not only provided an amazing ambient noise experience, but the pillow is incredibly comfortable and has even replaced my old pillow.

I feel that the Dreampad helps me get to sleep faster by giving my mind something to focus on other than the laundry list of other intrusions in my life. I am getting great sleep and haven’t had an episode of insomnia since I started using it!

My favorite feature is the Bluetooth Receiver, which is an optional accessory you can purchase in addition to the Dreampad itself. It’s incredibly easy to set up and tucks right inside the pillow after a quick charging period. The Bluetooth Receiver is especially useful because it allows my phone to stay anywhere in my room and on the charger while I’m using the Dreampad. I’ve found that I’m very sensitive to blue light from my phone, tablet and computer, but with the Bluetooth Receiver, I can keep my phone tucked away in my nightstand while still utilizing the Dreampad.

Finally, the Dreampad app provides great free ambient noise loops! My favorite is Harmonic Continuum, which is a deep bass loop with a soft harmonic overlay. I use it for both sleep and meditation.

If you are looking to get to sleep quicker or focus your meditation practice, I strongly recommend trying the Dreampad!"




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TESTING PERIOD & PRODUCT EFFECTS: I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I noticed a difference right away.

REVIEWER RECOMMENDS PRODUCT TO: Adults, Teenagers, Students, Travelers