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Review: Ostrich Pillow® Light
Ostrich Pillow® Light

"The perfect traveler’s companion"

REVIEWER: Kaitlin K, Milford, NH (Female, 24 years old)


REVIEWER SLEEP RELATED PROBLEMS: "I generally don’t have any sleep-related problems other than trouble waking up in the morning."

FULL REVIEW: "Having family across the North East means hours of car trips in order to visit. I sometimes end up in the passenger seat, but more often than not I’m in the back of the car. Napping is inevitable on a monotonous drive on the highway so I was looking for a better comfort solution than bunching up a full-sized bed pillow; it looked like the Ostrich Pillow Light could be that solution.

I chose the Light version rather than the Original because I knew I was going to use this traveling and the original seemed a bit bulky to carry around. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how compact it could get. If I didn’t want to put it in a suitcase, I could also strap it to the outside of my backpack. The fabric is stretchy yet very soft to the touch. It’s also filled with micro beads rather than traditional pillow stuffing, which I found gave me more support and padding. 

I’ll be honest in saying I was a little hesitant to use the Ostrich Pillow Light for fear of looking a little crazy. However, once I gave it a go I was so comfortable I didn’t care what I looked like! I’ve used it as a sort of headband to lean against the door of the car, as well as over my eyes and then around my neck. An added bonus of having it over your eyes is that it will also go over your ears to block light and muffle sound. I’d say the least comfortable option was around my neck, as it didn’t give the full support as a pillow that was designed for neck use would.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Ostrich Pillow Light. I can’t wait to start planning more trips to take it on!"




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REVIEWER RECOMMENDS PRODUCT TO: Adults, Teenagers, Children, Seniors, Students, Travelers

IDEAL FOR PEOPLE WITH: General sleep discomfort