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Review: Ostrich Pillow Original
Ostrich Pillow Original

"The perfect travel companion"

REVIEWER: Christopher C, Henniker, NH (Male, 25 years old)


REVIEWER SLEEP RELATED PROBLEMS: "I find it very hard to fall asleep in busy or public areas such as planes, trains, and cars. Typically I will just remain awake and suffer for the remainder of the time."

FULL REVIEW: "I decided to use this product after multiple red-eye flights where I would be sitting amongst people who are peacefully sleeping yet find myself unable to sleep due to discomfort, visual stimulation, or bothersome people. I was looking to find a solution to the painful struggle of sleeping in a coach airplane seat at 6’ tall. Typically I have used rolled up sweatshirts as a makeshift pillow and covered my eyes with a sleeve but I could never truly rest during the flight. I was very pleased by the packaging of the Ostrich Pillow; it has a hip-vibe and a simple design. The product itself (while you may appear a bit odd to others) is extremely well designed. The material is a soft, almost wicking silk that is filled with micro-beads to allow for a supportive yet soft conform to my head. I was surprised initially at the texture of the pillow but was very happy at how comfortable it was when resting my head on a hard surface.


The product worked perfectly for me, I used it to not only act as a pillow so I could sleep leaning forward on the tray-table of an airplane (being 6 feet tall in an airplane seat isn’t ideal) and the holes on either side allowed for me to rest my head on my hands just like I do when sleeping normally. Although I did get some curious looks from people as I slipped this bean-bag type product over my head I could not care less as I was comfortably relaxing in a dark, warm, personal environment that allowed me to get the rest I wanted even when flying through turbulence. The product worked exactly how I wanted it to and I would recommend it to anyone who finds him or herself unable to sleep on long stints of travel."




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TESTING & PRODUCT EFFECTS: I used the Ostrich pillow while travelling for a day. I found the benefits of the pillow to be almost immediate.

REVIEWER RECOMMENDS PRODUCT TO: Adults, Teenagers, Students, Shift Workers, Travelers, Office Workers

IDEAL FOR PEOPLE WITH: Insomnia, Trouble Sleeping while Traveling